Polymer Basins

Discover our Ecke Polymer Basins…

AKTUELL bathroom sinks are available in a variety of materials to meet your need. We offer 100% acrylic washbasins as well as porcelain models. No matter which model you are looking for, our range of washbasins offers choices that fit perfectly into any space. Whether it’s the family bathroom or a small area that deserves special attention, we have the washbasin model that definitely meets your needs.

Our super white acrylic washbasins are available in a variety of widths to meet the demands of any unique space. Depending on the model chosen, our washbasins are offered drilled or pre-drilled to allow customization to the fine tap of your choice.  Our acrylic bathroom sinks all have overflows with polished chrome finishes.

Porcelain Basins

Enjoy Porcelain at its Best!

Depending on the model chosen, a round drain or a hidden drain with a removable acrylic plate is included. How’s that for options!

In addition, we offer a superb collection of porcelain bathroom sinks with a super white finish. Our porcelain sinks are available in rectangular or round basin shapes, all delivered ultra white. Lastly, AKTUELL offers bathroom sinks in several sizes and styles to meet your needs.

Design, Style & Quality!

If you are looking for bathroom furniture, a sink, a freestanding bath, a toilet, a shower base, or even a designer shower head, the AKTUELL product line offers a wide range of models and styles to suit your needs.

Inspired by Today’s Trends…

The full range of bathroom products offered by AKTUELL is the perfect solution for residential projects and renovations that require modern design, reflect current trends, all without incurring extra expense.