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First of all, when it comes to toilets, it’s necessary to consult the AKUELL website which offers a complete line of efficient toilets, all of which have superior construction. To begin, you should know that there are different qualities of porcelain, AKUELL toilets are made of a non-porous premium quality porcelain which is ultra white in colour.

A specific aspect to remember is that all AKUELL toilets are one-piece and for the most part, they have a siphonic action with the exception of the Thor model which has a tornado-like action. Depending on the chosen model, AKUELL toilets have for the most part a pressure actuator or polished chrome finished handle. In addition, all of our toilets are sold with slow-closing luxury seats.

In addition, AKUELL toilet seats have removable lids that are easy to remove for cleaning. It should also be noted that thanks to the smooth exterior finish of all our toilets, maintenance is very easy.

Design, Style & Quality!

If you are looking for bathroom furniture, a sink, a freestanding bath, a toilet, a shower base, or even a designer shower head, the AKTUELL product line offers a wide range of models and styles to suit your needs.

Inspired by Today’s Trends…

The full range of bathroom products offered by AKTUELL is the perfect solution for residential projects and renovations that require modern design, reflect current trends, all without incurring extra expense.