Shower Bases

The Shower Base You Need is Here…

AKTUELL shower bases are manufactured and designed in smooth finish acrylic to ensure daily maintenance is made easy. It’s important to note that our shower bases are sturdy and solid bases you can truly count on to perform. We’ve integrated multi-point seating, which is structurally located under the base to ensure component integrity.

It’s also good to know that all of our shower bases are factory-built to meet the installation requirements and most importantly the type of installation that you require. We offer shower bases with finishing flanges on the right or on the left side depending on the type of installation you need.

If you’re installing a shower base in an alcove, for example on three closed walls, we have the shower model to fit your bathroom space.

Of course, our shower bases are available in two standard sizes, and available with the finish of your choice. Finally, all of our shower bases are equipped with an acrylic cover that serves as a most aesthetic drain cover.

Design, Style & Quality!

If you are looking for bathroom furniture, a sink, a freestanding bath, a toilet, a shower base, or even a designer shower head, the AKTUELL product line offers a wide range of models and styles to suit your needs.

Inspired by Today’s Trends…

The full range of bathroom products offered by AKTUELL is the perfect solution for residential projects and renovations that require modern design, reflect current trends, all without incurring extra expense.